A brain is in a nutrient solution. It is connected to various Sensors. So it can feel to see, hear, smell,. And because his thoughts will be translated into sounds, it can actually talk. That sounds creepy. The new creation of Frankenstein’s Monster in the shell, so to speak.

but It can also be a comforting idea: wouldn’t it Be wonderful, we could save the brains of Deceased beloved before the collapse? You are preserving and using new techniques to Happen in the world connect? This is exactly what happens with the thinking organ of a protagonist in the new book “Zweimaltot” by science journalist, Beat Glogger.

After the world-renowned neuro-scientist, Frank star has been invaded and over for weeks in the Complete Locked-In state (Clis), so in a state of complete paralysis of all parts of the body for at the same time fully conscious, been caught, he dies. But his assistant, Tina Benz, even visionary researcher, brought his brain back to life. What begins as a scientific Sensation of the Millennium, more and more of a nightmare Scenery.

At a key point in the Science-Fiction-detective novels – the author himself speaks, by the way of Science-based Fiction is Frank Stern as the brain, although only consciousness, to actually soulless monsters. All of its physical extent deprived of, he is not empathy, more capable and just does what he likes.

In the United States Schweinehirne were revived

This all sounds so implausible, that it should be Gloggers novel in the Fantasy corner? Or even better in the Horror Department? No, the book would be in the wrong place. The head in the pot that threatens to take over towards the end of the history of the dominion of Tina Benz, has in these days a surprising counterpart in reality: American Schweinehirne. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine is managed by the body detached brains by means of a Blood substitute-nutrient-pumps revive. Individual showed slight activities, which are, however, still far from consciousness. This Option has been excluded in the experiments for ethical reasons, but anyway, and you with drugs to suppress. This study was dedicated to, among other things, in Nature, one of the world’s most important scientific journals, several papers.

brain researcher Niels Birbaumer served as the Inspiration

Beat Glogger is doing so, needs to do a Sci-Fi writer: He depicts in his novel, the possibilities of the research, the plug, although currently still in its infancy, the Mature realisation could bring in the future of the world to falter. However, in the real world, there shall also be one of the Story run at the end of development: As Frank Stern is still in the Clis, he can entertain yourself thanks to the EEG-cap and Computer, the currents of his brain in the language translated, and with the environment. This utopian idea of the author is based on the Work of the renowned brain researcher Niels Birbaumer. This will have managed to communicate by means of a sensor-equipped cap with completely paralyzed people and to receive from you answers to Yes/no questions. His once-acclaimed studies are now fallen into disrepute. You should provide any evidence that communication with patients is in a Clis is really possible. Currently, it is checked whether or not academic misconduct has taken place.

such earthly questions in a novel-the author does not care – his business is, after all, is fiction, not fact and also this almost shows the same with the appearance of the “Zweimaltot” known possible scandal, how close Glogger, Beat with its history, the current science is done.

And yet a haunting similarity between reality and narrative. Currently, you have to wonder: Has Birbaumer told the truth? And when you read Gloggers crime is to think: Why not twist some of the protagonists of the facts? The eternal dance of truth with the lie awakens in both of these Happen so much curiosity, as it makes for Drama.

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