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Researchers have analyzed the covid-19-deaths in the united STATES up to and including 4. april. The study covers a total of 3000 counties, where 98 percent of the country’s population resides.

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We found that an increase of only 1 µg/m3 in PM2,5-particles together with an increase of 15 per cent in dødsraten to covid-19, is the conclusion in the report.

PM2,5 particles are particulate matter and the concentration measured µg/m3, which stands for micrograms per cubic meter. In Oslo vary, the concentration in winter usually between 5 and 20 µg/m3.

From before, it is known that a to be subjected to a small increase in air pollution over a period of 15-20 years, leading to an increase in the risk of dying in general, writes The Guardian.

Conclusion in the new study is remarkable. This effect is 20 times stronger when it comes to the risk by covid-19.

The top map shows the luftforurensingen over 17 years in the united STATES. The bottom map shows the number of deaths per million inhabitants of the covid-19 up to and including 4. april.

Votes with Sars-research

the Researchers say that they have taken the height for a range of other factors that can affect the dødsraten, including poverty, smoking, obesity, and the number of koronatester and hospital beds that are available.

It has also tried about the findings match if you don’t expect New York City and the counties with fewer than ten registered cases.

– Previous research has shown that air pollution had a dramatic effect on the dødsraten from the Sars virus in 2003. So we think that our results match with the findings, ” says Rachel Nethery, one of the researchers behind the study.

Professor of miljøepidemiologi at the University of Copenhagen, Zorona Jovanovic Andersen, says to the DR that it is an “impressive study” by a recognized group of researchers.

air pollution can cause inflammation in the body. There are means that one is more vulnerable to koronaviruset, ” says Andersen.

Can be used to insert extra actions

– There are very strong effects they have found in the study, ” says professor of miljøepidemiologi at the University of Copenhagen, Zorona Jovanovic Andersen.

Photo: Vidensråd for the prevention

the Researchers say that the findings can be used to insert extra strict smitteverntiltak and additional resources to areas with high air pollution.

another of the scientists behind the study, Xiaio Wu. says that it is likely that the covid-19 is a part of our lives for quite a long time, despite the hope of a vaccine.

In the light of what we have to consider additional measures to protect us against air pollution so that fewer die from covid-19, says Xiaio Wu.

Luftforurensingen has gone down

the Researchers conclude that the study shows how important it is to continue with the action against the luftforurensingen, both during the pandemic and later.

After that koronaepidemien hit has luftforurensingen in major european cities, has gone dramatically down. In some places it has been more than halved in a week after that the nations are shut down.

Figures that NRK has collected from The european environment agency (EEA) shows a sharp decline also in Norway.

Compared with the same week in late march/april of last year, emissions of NOx-emissions more than halved in some Norwegian cities.

NOx is responsible for smog and the typical brown cloud covering larger cities and poor air quality.

Flights across the Atlantic before and after koronapandemien has hit the world.

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