He is the best-selling Mini-SUV in Europe: Over 215’000 on Renault Captur have been redeemed in the last year. Also in Switzerland, he was 2275 sales in the Mini-Crossovern the front, the Boom Segment at all. Because he has come to the modern rivals VW T-Cross, Ford, Puma and co. but something in the years, starts at the beginning of 2020, the next Captur-Generation.

1620 possible combinations

This looks, at first glance, the previous similar to, but more slender and less chubby. “Well, chief designer Paula Fabregat-proportioned”, nennts Renault’s small car-Andreu. Large air intakes help the high belt line and the black paint floating-looking roof. 90 different color combinations are offered to 18 different interiors. Not very tasteful combinations, but left the ordering system only, insured Fabregat-Andreu.

More space, higher quality interior

The interior follows the new Clio line: A to the driver vaulted to 9.3-inch Touchscreen dominates over the free-to-bearing center console, the digital instruments are played in 10-inch Format. From the outside it adds an extra dimension to little space for the shoulders from the inside, but you can sit anywhere comfortably. And the hard plastic will be better concealed than in the predecessor. Surprising: for the class luxuriant trunk of 536 liters, and the handy handle, with the rear seat from the trunk out to 16 inches of longitudinal displacement. The exit end of the drawer instead of the conventional glove compartment for the driver practically, sucks for the passenger but.

The engines – gasoline with 95 and 115 PS, gasoline engine of between 100 and 155 HP, and the optional 7-speed DSG automatic Renault grabs from the group shelf. In the course of the next year, the Captur also comes as a Plug-in Hybrid with 45 miles of electric range and 160 PS system power from the electric Motor and the vacuum cleaner-diesel. But how on this Hybrid variant, we have to wait on the prices of the new Captur.