The high asylum during the refugee crisis, are increasingly having an impact also on family reunification. Thus, a total of 4885 persons from the family reunification benefited last year, a new record. The year before, it was only about 4200. Since 2009, the number more than tripled.

SVP calls for Moratorium

The development power of the SVP. You want to push the family reunion now, at least in part on the latch: For provisionally admitted, the party calls for a Moratorium. During three years, the family will be exposed to reunification. 2018, a total of 776 spouse and minor children would have been affected – most of them from Eritrea, China and Syria.

the hurdle for provisionally admitted is relatively high. In contrast to accepted refugees you can be reunited with your family at the earliest after three years. You must also live in the same household, over a large enough apartment, and must not be dependent on social assistance. Although by the end of 2018, approximately 47’000 lived temporarily admitted in Switzerland, remained in the family reunification with 776 persons is relatively modest.

SVP-Amstutz: “False incentive”

For SVP-Nationalrat Adrian Amstutz (65,) is nevertheless clear: “It’s a matter of principle. With the family reunion we will make another wrong incentive, because the preliminary recording is more and more often, to the eternal.” With the renewable Moratorium, to set a clear Signal that provisionally admitted could not, in principle, remain in Switzerland. “Because it makes no sense, the family to pull the ends up, sooner or later, however, in the social assistance.”

That, however, recognized refugees, “the real danger to life and limb”, can bring their spouses and minor children, he could understand, so Amstutz.

SP-wormwood: “Cheap propaganda”

The large chamber decides, at best, today Thursday about the SVP-initiative – to where it meets with fierce resistance. “The SVP is once again cheap propaganda against refugees”, … SP-national councillor Cédric Wermuth (33, AG). To him, the current rules are already too restrictive. “The family is for many people Central for the psychological well-being or Integration.”

Provisionally admitted are, after all, is not illegal in the country. “It is simply inhuman to separate them for many years of your family.” Instead of increasing the hurdles for refugees, would have to combat the reasons for Flight, such as conflicts and poverty, wormwood. “Instead of even more weapons into the conflict to export areas, we should give more development aid.”

In the national Council should have the initiative in any event be difficult. In the preparatory Committee, the SVP from flashed with the other parties.