He explained that before the reconstruction of the Park, it was decided to maximize return to its original shape, so one of the gaming zones with a total area of over 900 square meters will appear in the Northern part. In the old drawings on this site was designated a Playground, but the plan was not implemented.

“the Basis for the design of this gaming zone will be the basis of the film “Volga-Volga”, – said the Deputy mayor. – A Central element of the site will be multi-decked ship, stylized ship “Sturgeon”, it will collect from the various play equipment: climbing frame for climbing, slopes and tunnels, the helm and intercom”.

On Board the ship will have a life-size panel with interactive route through the channels of Moscow. She will serve as the navigation map, captain, and the log book will be slate.

in addition, the venue will be sand factory, where it will be possible to work as a groomer or employees of the pipeline. Here children can also play the xylophone and aerophone.

Pyotr Biryukov noted that another major gaming area of the six sites in the size from 200 to 270 square meters will be equipped in the southern part of the Park. There will be a variety of complexes for climbing with descents and climbs, swings for the little ones in the form of animals, train, interactive sound equipment, trampoline, swings, carousel and the elements of the obstacle course. Decorated, these sites will be in the same style with a play area “Volga-Volga”.

the Head of the urban center reminded that the total area of improvement of Park of Northern river station is 49 hectares.

plans for the arrangement of a 19 km road and path network, installation of 26 pavilions, more than 800 energy-efficient modern lighting poles, the Park will have a recreation area with three heated pools. Now the reconstruction of two historic fountains and the new device, being restored fencing, monuments, balustrades, the five pavilions of the mooring parts, decorative elements of garden architecture and stair descents.

In the renewed Park of Northern river station will be planted about seven thousand trees, more than three thousand shrubs, more than five thousand square meters of bright flower gardens and 22 acres of lawn.

a large-Scale improvement is planned to be completed by the first of September.