“The future is coming to Spreiti!”, the cinema operator Pathé cheers. Next to the Shoppi Tivoli, the semi-strong was in March by beating in the headlines (VIEWS reported), opened today Thursday, 10 new cinemas. They offer customers, among other futuristic-sounding bodies such as a Laser-projection or a new Dolby-Atmos sound system.

The largest influence on the comfort of the cinema-goers but have beds. Good old beds. In the hall of the “VIP Lounge” bed sofas, one of which you can see today at 17 PM the last Avengers movie. And in the hall, “Bed VIP” – where there are real beds – runs to the 18 the movie, “Glam Girls – adorable spoiled”. Cost per entry: 49 Swiss francs.

Blankets and finches

There are two big questions. Firstly, this Is not a überrissener price? Not necessarily, finally, you must cover up then no extra charge with soft drinks, Snacks and coffee.

And secondly, How rotten it is off the screen and go? The pay attention during a movie, especially for the next man or the next woman, finally, is a classic.

For a little privacy can be fumble-consent under a blanket in the back. “The bed-room light Blankets, as well as finches are available to the customer in addition to the pillow,” writes a Pathé spokesperson on request.

the Swiss Are too decent for that sort of thing?

Grusig the Whole process should be: The beds would be purchased after each show. You work together with a Laundry.

And then there is the question of whether to fly out of the, if not devoting full concentration to the movie and caught: “of Course we will pay attention especially in the beginning, extremely sensitive to the fact that our guests adhere to the rules of propriety,” writes the spokesperson. “In the case of the Swiss, but there is less of a concern.” (kst/nwa)