To the "a Million in prizes" that soon will launch the project "Active citizen", joined by 83 of the company. Among them – shopping network "Crossroads", "the Boat" cafe "ultra" and "secrets", informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

Specifies that the list of partners continues to grow, the project join the new company. In particular, the program will be joined by 13 non-profit organizations.

Clarifies that under the project, residents of the capital will be able to obtain certificates, bonuses and discounts, which can be used in retail chains, restaurants and cafes. They can also be redeemed for city promotion.

Just for residents there are 2 million prizes, which value varies from 1 to 4 thousand points. It is known that from 1 July received as prize points participants will be able to spend on charity.

So, assistance can be provided to the funds "Hasten to do good!", "Women for life", "Over-unity", "Colodetti". The list of organizations will be updated.