The new farmers are ready to date girls in a new season of ‘Farmer looking for love’, but for the first time two female farmers also ready to date.

In the year it is not only women who have a chance to find love in datingprogrammet ‘Farmer looking for love’, for in years has the program for the first time also two female farmers, so now will men also have the opportunity to send letters in.

“We have tried for the last many years to find women who wanted to participate. It’s just only now, we have managed to find someone,” says TV 2’s programredaktør Mads Volck, who is happy for the programme to finally get the women.

The two new female farmers called Laura and Stine, and this is the first time in the program’s history, that there are women on the side of the table.

Meet the six detagere here:

Brian lives alone on one of his parents ‘ farms, where he is operator. On the farm cultivated with cereals, grass and maize, and there are also cattle on the farm. Brian has no great experience with love, and he is also not so good to yourself to seek out the.

One of his best friends are Zoe, who was in the fifth season of ‘Farmer seeks love’. It is Zoe, who have called on Brian to sign up for the program.

Claus lives on a big farm, which he himself constructed with pig and crop production. Claus has two children, a daughter 18 and a son of 15 years who live with Claus. And it suits him fine, for Claus would rather spend time on her children than to work.

Claus loves to live in the country and grew up just 20 kilometers from where he lives now. He has a large circle of friends, which he takes to concerts, festivals, and on vacations with.

Laura is living on an old classic firlænget farm. as her family tenant. Laura is currently in the internship as a part of the EUX Farmer, where she is a student and has specialized in pigs.

She helps to drive the family’s many acres of land and work a lot, so she has not had time to find the right girlfriend. Laura is born in the country. She loves gasoline and big machines and makeup, long nails and stilettos.

Mike is a trained blacksmith and licensed ecologist. He lives on a modern farm on his parents ‘ land, like a big of his family also do. A prospective girlfriend must therefore think of the ‘familiebofællesskabet’, for the family takes up much of Mads’ life.

Mads is very into ecology, so while he is doing his father’s agricultural machinery, experimenting, he also on his own land, so it can find its own original eco-circuit.

Stine live on a disused farm, along with two friends, eight horses, chickens and a dog. Here she has an apartment in the old hall. She works at a dairy, where she is the herdsman, and shares responsibility with the operator. She loves animals and living in the country.

Her father live not so far from her, also on a farm where Stine has a kæleko and some ponies standing. Stine is very social and has a large circle of friends.

Svend live on the farm where he was born and raised. Here he has 150 dairy cows and cultivate also maize, grass and cereals. His parents live close by, so his father 76 years enjoy to come and help.

Svend will like to have a wife and children, but time is running from him, he seems. He is a farmer of the old school and has bony, but has now – after malkerobotternes took – got the time for a family.

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