Today is the day of decision for Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53). The judicial Commission of the Parliament decides whether to propose the top investigators of Switzerland to the Federal Assembly for re-election or whether the election should be postponed in light of recent developments.

Meanwhile, new Details are known to the ominous third Meeting between Lauber and Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (49). The authority had re-opened after several weeks of investigation last week, a disciplinary investigation against Lauber. What exactly led you to the inquiry was open to the authority. The “Tages-Anzeiger” is now but a document of the Supervisory authority, which summarizes the preliminary results of the research together.

Previously known as an SMS from Infantinos youth friend, the Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold, Lauber, head of communication at André Marty was. He had 13 minutes before the scheduled Meeting on may 16. June 2017 at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern, hi wrote: “André. Giannis train has been delayed. We will be a couple of minutes later. To the same. Greeting.” It is this message that brought the affair a few weeks ago re-rolling.

The interim report of the supervision authority, contains more information on the Meeting. Lauber does not deny that it gave this. He proclaims, but can’t remember.

the date the SMS Was wrong?

Because on the one hand, a second SMS, which has funded the Supervisory authority. It is the answer of the head of Information of the Marty on Arnold’s message: “Sali – No Problem. In 1. Floor, Meeting Room III” in the electronic agendas of Lauber and Marty this note. Accordingly, the Meeting from 9.15 to 11 o’clock should take. With “G. I.” – Gianni Infantino.

Already a month before that, on 19. May 2017, to have accepted, the Secretariat of the Federal Prosecutor’s office is also an offer of the Schweizerhof to the booking of the meeting room. A subsequent invoice for the room rental and Snacks is available to the Supervisory authority.

Despite this advice, the Valais Prosecutor Arnold claims that it was the third Meeting never. The text messages would refer to the first Meeting of Infantino and Lauber in March 2016. The date the SMS was probably not correct, so his simple justification.

GPK-everything is half as bad

The supervisor in the interim report as a conclusion, that it is “not understandable” was that Lauber is no longer in the conversation at the Schweizerhof can remember. It lists six points, which could give rise to a possible breach of official duty Lauber.

The business review Commission (GPK) of the European Parliament, however, all of the half so tragic. You said yesterday after hearing Lauber, and the current and former President of the oversight Commission, that to have nothing found what would be suitable “to provide the professional or personal Suitability” Lauber “seriously in question”. It leaves the decision as to the re-election of the Federal Prosecutor to the court Commission. (nim/lha)