New Moscow on the day listened to 20,000 people

the Authority in charge has unique characteristics. It is not only the biggest tool in Russia but also one of the largest in all of Europe: 5872 pipe 85 registers and make it sound exceptional power and richness of timbres. But come on the stage the Charge was not only able to appreciate its magnificent sound: a portable console was located on the stage, so all the work of the organist is a virtuoso movement for the four keyboards and pedals, switching registers – happened in front of visitors.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Body in “charge” admire the best musicians in the world

one day in the hall made 24 organist from Russia and Europe, replacing each other every hour. Among the Russian masters, “opening” the body is the main organist of the “Zaryadye” Lada labzina, Love shishkhanova Vladimir Khomyakov, Daniel Zaretsky, Timur Khaliullin etc From abroad came to Russia such artists as Gunnar Idenstam from Sweden, Olivier latry from France, Jean-Baptiste Robin from Germany, Shin Yang Lee from South Korea, Thomas Trotter from great Britain, Nathan Laube from the USA, Hiroko Inoue from Japan and many others.

of Exceptional diversity was the repertoire performed by the organists: from textbook of works by Bach and Buxtehude to works of the French school of the twentieth century. In addition, there were transcriptions for organ of such musical hits as “ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner, “Moonlight” Debussy, “Danse macabre” by Saint-Saens and more, as well as music to the cult films – “Harry Potter” and “Star wars”. Now, after a record daily marathon, which is going to make the Guinness book of records, the new tool has officially become one of the most important parts of the musical life Of Moscow.

the Way

In the organ concerts, the next of which will be held in March and may, will feature performances by musicians participating in the inauguration: Benig Winfried (Germany), Jean-Pierre Styvers (the Netherlands) and Lada labzina.

Tickets for next season – and not just for the organ concerts will go on sale on the night of 1 on 2 March at 00.00.

learn More about hall’s “charge” for the following season, read in the nearest number “RG”.