the early bird gets the Nold in the mouth. Only one ballot was needed to choose to fight kandidation Ursula Nold to the top of the Migros. On Saturday morning at 10:19 PM, Migros tweeted-media office: “Habemus President!” Nold – you will be next Friday, 50 years old, achieved a brilliant result: 73 of 111 Migros delegates voted for you, just 27 for her opponent, Jeannine Pilloud (54).

The result shows: The Migros Establishment has miscalculated catastrophically. All the bodies had spoken for Pilloud: The Board of Directors (in the case of the Migros only “management”), the office of the delegate Assembly and the evaluation panel.

But the Migros works differently. It is more democratic. The base wanted a Manager, not a smooth-ironed, with a high media profile. But one of their own.

Skillful behavior in the vote fight

Nold, who is engaged since years in my spare time for the Migros, was in the vote fight very cleverly. With numerous journalists led to long conversations, but will never quote.

So she was able to bring in their Position and yet remain in the Background. Different Pilloud: she worked eight years for the SBB – a company that is like no other in Switzerland in the centre of interest. Pilloud fact, even before the President-election, what she is accustomed to: In the media.

From Sunday-view you spoke of an Alliance with the old Federal councillor Doris Leuthard (55), which is soon to be in the service of the worst competitors Coop: “I know that woman can tackle Leuthard. Maybe it’s not always just about working against each other. Sometimes you have to stretch!”

Migros needs more efficiently.

On Saturday Pilloud remained nothing else to congratulate when Ursula Nold their choice. The winner must deliver now. Migros ‘ operating profit has been shrinking for years, the company urgently needs to become more efficient.

But this is not so simple: The orange giant is divided into ten regional cooperatives, which are extremely Autonomous, accustomed to act. Nold wants to create a near-impossible balancing act: it is Better to work together without weakening the regions – and to the staff.

in Addition, you must gain the trust of the Migros-heads who were against you. Today is was very unclear whether the media Zumbrunnen shy Migros-Director Fabrice (49) for Pilloud, or Nold. With him is the mother of four will need to work closely together.

Communicate and coordinate

The Migros Bureau is different than the Coop – not with great Power, blessed. It rather has to communicate and coordinate. According to Migros-insiders is, but it is the strength of Nold that you can win people.

This property has led you up to the top of the company. Officially in the office from 1. July. Financially, the worth for you in any case. Her predecessor, Andrea Broggini (62) is received for the 50-percent workload 420’000 Swiss francs per year. Nold is unlikely to concede less.

The Migros-based is it your treat. Nold does not embody the Management caste with the same resumes and qualifications. But the Migros.

she was just a M better.

Ursula Nold: I have used in the last ten years, with heart’s blood for the Migros. I think this has been a long performance was decisive in the end.

We need faster, more agile and more efficient. It also means: to work better together. We can only achieve this if we all pull in the same direction. This will be my task. I am very much looking forward to take this task together with the administration, and the Directorate-General in the attack.

I was from the beginning, for a departure at Migros. I am convinced that it must transform the Migros, to be able to in the future close to the clients.

I see very much potential in digitization. We need to bring Online and offline channels are much stronger together. So that we are on the channels where our customers are on the go.

In all of these reforms is important that we dispense with the values of the Migros. Values such as credibility, reliability, but also a Model of responsibility towards the employees. These values are not negotiable. We need to support it, but the path of Transformation, nevertheless, with all Conviction.