In the case of Mazda, they have always had a mind of their own. Cooperation with other manufacturers? No, thank you. As the competition has switched to turbocharged engines, decided Mazda aware of for the vacuum cleaner with a special compression to reduce the consumption. Recently, the world’s first, this Otto-Motor launches, does than gasoline so it was as if it were a Diesel. And as a Hybrid, and battery electric Stromer to the Hype, kept a Mazda posh: no, we Need not yet we need to have.

the presentation of the new MX-30 at the Toyko motor show: The five-seat SUV Coupé comes all The more surprising as the first power of the brand in the upcoming summer on the market. Technically, the MX assumes 30 some of the just-launched CX-30 – why, then, the abbreviation MX? Chief designer Youichi Matsuda refers to the Roadster MX-5: The is also trimmed unique and on Design and driving pleasure, as he had for the MX-30 is desired.

portal doors without a B-pillar

Clearly, the Crossover, the Mazda-typical narrow headlights, the sharp front hood, and the round tail lights again. But the real whistle the portal doors are like the faded Wankel-athlete RX-8: the Front of you are normal, and the rear are attached to the rear and à la BMW i3 so only after the front open. With a big advantage: The middle B-pillar falls away. “Despite a flat roof, you can get in so easily,” says Matsuda. However, this solution cost him a lot of discussions: “But we wanted a special Design to show the modern electric drive also to the outside.”

then Why not even more extravagance in the Design? “People do not live in the future, but in the Here and Now. You want a car that as a present-day car looks like and the usual functionality. Not a sci-Fi mobile,” says Matsuda. Therefore, a more conventional interior with special Details: Propere materials, leather seat covers, cork surfaces in the bins, because you have to cut no trees, but only the renewable bark peels off. And the floating centre console, surprised.

Small battery for less weight

Also the drive is a Mazda re-headstrong: to squeeze, Instead of as much battery capacity as possible into the car, it remains with a total of 35.5 kilowatt-hours large battery for a maximum range of 200 kilometres. Too little? No, find product Manager Tomiko Takeuchi. The MX-30 is as a second car designed, since this is fully sufficient, given the average Daily mileage of 48 kilometers in Europe. For the small battery to save weight. Instead of all-wheel drive only front wheel drive is also 140 HP, must meet the. The but are likely to provide an electric Motor typically for brisk progress.

pre-orders adopts Mazda already by Deposit of 1000 Swiss francs; prices start for the First Edition of 100 copies, with 36’990 CHF. Right much for so little coverage, compared with a Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf? Maybe. But the MX-30 plays in Size and ambience in a different League.