Have they already been compensated once, because your flight was delayed or has failed? No? Like you, most people – even though they have in such cases is actually entitled to compensation. However, the procedure is tedious, it will take months or years. But that could soon be brought to an end: thanks to the Blockchain technology and the Swiss Start-up Etherisc.

“We will replace the traditional insurance companies through Software,” says founder Stephan Karpischek (43) to VIEW. His company Etherisc developed flight insurance, which are fully automated. A few clicks suffice to make an insurance for a flight to complete. Is stored in a Blockchain. “So customers get guaranteed what you deserve and at the same time, insurance fraud is difficult,” says Karpischek. In the event of delays or flight cancellations is then automatically triggered a payment to the customer.

if you fly in late in the holiday, lands compensation, therefore, already on the account, before the plane ever. And, without a Finger bend.

Switzerland blends the world front

“Blockchain applications will explode,” says Ueli Maurer (68). The Federal Council is, for many of the “secret digital Ministers” Switzerland: “The technology in the next few years.” Last week opened a bricklayer in the infrastructure chain in the Stade de Suisse. It is the first Blockchain-a conference for public administration, and infrastructure operators.

Mason is convinced: “The applications are enormous, and in almost every industry.”

That politicians and business leaders are concerned just now with the future of the Blockchain technology in Switzerland, is no coincidence.

thousands of new Jobs and no new laws

Switzerland has developed in recent years to become one of the leading Blockchain-sites in the world. Until today, hundreds of companies have in the so-called crypto Valley established 3000 new Jobs were created. In the next few years is to multiply their number. The starting situation is good, is also the designated Federal President Maurer, “but Switzerland is not allowed to play to their excellent maps are now wrong”.

A Blockchain-law, as in other countries will not give it, says the Federal Council is the infrastructure chain. Various laws should be adjusted so that Switzerland could maintain its leading position.

This is according to Maurer, the basic tenor of the report of the working group Blockchain/ICO of the Covenant, which will be published next week. Also, measures are included to secure the location for innovation, Switzerland.

the First applications in the start holes

experts are convinced that Blockchains will trigger the next digital Revolution. Because no company wants to miss the connection, is the technology in the economy is a constant topic of conversation: a few days Ago it became known that the Swiss Post and Swisscom jointly develop a Blockchain platform for Switzerland. It should be used especially for sensitive data. This Wednesday, the two companies will introduce the project publicly for the first time.

Regardless of the pharmaceutical group experimented Novartis as with block chains, as the food giant Nestlé, and various media houses, including the views of the publisher Ringier. The SBB is working on its own applications, with which employees can identify. And the big banks and insurance companies have joined together to develop Blockchain-based solutions. Inspired by the Mega-corporations, it is often young Start-ups such as Etherisc.

2019 is the Blockchain Post

next year, Blockchain applications for the first Time will reach a wide audience. We will start our insurance, our Bank accounts and even our identities automatically and to transfer the manipulated block-chains.

To do this, the Consumer do not need to understand the complex Blockchain concept in Detail, soothes Blockchain expert, Grace Torrellas (49): “no one should have to worry about how the technology works. You should be happy that it works,” the EPFL and Stanford graduate.

the flight insurance platform of Etherisc, you can’t see that behind it is a Blockchain. You realize it is just that everything works more efficiently and easier. Without a bureaucracy, without the need for paper war.

tomorrow: Switzerland is regarded worldwide as one of the best addresses for Blockchain-companies. However, the crypto Valley competition threatens.