If you want to save money right now, you should make good use of the coming month. Several days of action and one or the other discount are coming up in November. Various deadlines are also running out. We show what changes November 2022 will bring, who is affected and where it will be more expensive.

In November, many of the upcoming changes and deadlines revolve around money. With the current high cost of living, it’s worth taking a look at the details. While the Netflix streaming service or various shopping days offer opportunities to save, veterinary costs will become expensive for owners in the future. All deadlines, changes in the law and other changes in November 2022 can be found in our overview:

The US streaming service Netflix will be launching a new basic subscription in November. The advertising-supported subscription for 4.99 euros per month will start on November 3, 2022 – at 5 p.m. The new offer is intended to supplement the existing subscription offer. According to the group, there should be no changes for customers who use a basic, standard or premium subscription and are existing customers.

What can consumers expect from the 4.99 euro subscription? Netflix plays targeted advertising for the 3 euros that you save compared to the regular basic subscription for 7.99 euros per month. From time to time commercials with a length of 15 or 30 seconds are shown before or during a series or a film. This should not apply to the children’s programs on offer.

Actually, everyone who has to submit a tax return for 2021 had to submit it to the tax office by July 31, 2022. But then there was the corona pandemic. For this reason, the legislator has provided for an extension of the deadline with the “Fourth Tax Assistance Act” – until October 31, 2022.

However, since October 31, 2022 is a public holiday in some federal states, it will be possible to submit the tax return one day later – it must be submitted to the tax office on November 1, 2022.

Where Reformation Day is a public holiday:

If you also get help from a tax consultant or an income tax assistance association, you have even more time. In this case, the submission deadline is extended to August 31, 2023.

If the four-legged friends are unwell in November and a visit to the vet is necessary, it will be expensive for the owners. Because from November 22, price increases for almost all veterinary services between 20 and 100 percent are expected.

The background: The Federal Council has approved the new version of the veterinary fee schedule (GOT). The reason for this is that the fee schedule that is still in force dates from 1999. The last adjustment of some items was five years ago. Now it has been fundamentally revised.

Every fourth parcel in Germany is returned. The companies you placed the order with do not always pay for the return shipping. And this is where the payment service provider PayPal came into play. PayPal had established a service that takes care of the return shipment. That’s enough of that. The function that is so popular with customers will be abolished again.

“At PayPal we are constantly updating and developing new offers for our customers. Sometimes certain services need to be discontinued as part of these larger changes,” PayPal said. As the payment service provider further explains, the return cost service will be scrapped on November 27th. PayPal users can then no longer have returned amounts reimbursed. Applications that are submitted before the deadline and are open will still be processed, the service provider said.

Existing Deutsche Telekom customers who still use the MagentaMobil EINS tariff recently had an e-mail in their mailbox. In it, Deutsche Telekom informed about a change in the mobile phone contract. From November 1, 2022, the so-called MagentaEINS Unlimited benefit will be cancelled.

The price changes accordingly for the customers. Instead of the original 80 euros, you now only have to pay 50.05 euros per month for the MagentaMobil EINS tariff. From November everyone who has a combined landline and mobile phone tariff from Telekom will also receive a discount of 5 euros per month. The bottom line is then 45.05 euros per month.

Last year, ARD ended SD broadcasting of the channel ARD alpha via satellite and cable. Four more programs in SD quality are to follow in November.

With the deadline of November 15, 2022, ARD will end the broadcast of

From now on, the broadcaster will increasingly focus on HD picture quality. ARD also justified the switch-off with the increased use of HD by television viewers. Around 90 percent of households can now receive television programs in HD.

“Only a relatively small proportion of TV households will be affected by the SD switch-off,” according to ARD. One wants to make the distribution of the ARD programs as economical and efficient as possible. According to ARD, suitable receivers or televisions are required to receive HD programs.

Goolge already does the spring cleaning in November. A number of apps in the Google Play Store will soon no longer be found and will be deleted by the provider. With the change in November 2022, Google wants to push through updated security and privacy standards.

Because: Many apps do not yet implement the innovations of the latest Android versions to increase user security and protect their privacy. So everything that is not yet up to date will be removed from the Play Store.

App developers have until November 2022 to adapt and comply with the new standards. If you need more time for this, you can apply to Google for an extension of the period by six months. However, apps that have already been installed can still be used.

Another step towards digitization in Germany: On July 8, 2022, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat passed a law for the permanent introduction of virtual general meetings. During the corona pandemic, it was temporarily possible for general meetings – for example of cooperatives – to be held virtually.

In addition to the general meeting as a face-to-face event, companies in the legal forms of AG, KGaA and SE can now convene their general meeting as a virtual event from November 2022 beyond the expiry of the so-called COVID law.

If you want to change your car insurance to switch to a cheaper provider, you should have done so by November 30th. By then, the cancellation must have been received by the previous motor vehicle insurer.

Anyone who accompanies people with disabilities to the hospital is entitled to sick pay from November 1, 2022 in the event of a loss of earnings. The new guideline of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) stipulates when an accompanying person is considered medically necessary during an inpatient stay in hospital and how the certificates for both the patient and the accompanying person are to be drawn up.

According to the law, accompanying persons can be close relatives such as parents, siblings and life partners. People from the closest personal environment, to whom the same personal bond exists as to a close relative, are also eligible.

The cost of living is currently high. Bargain offers are therefore particularly welcome at the moment. November has three shopping days in store. The bargain hunt starts on November 11th with “Singles Day”, followed by “Black Friday” on November 25th and “Cyber ​​Monday” on November 28th. You can shop both online and at stationary retailers.

The offer for people fleeing Ukraine to exchange hryvnia banknotes for euros free of charge expires on November 18, 2022. The Federal Ministry of Finance and the German Federal Bank agreed on this with the National Bank of Ukraine. Ukraine refugees can exchange up to 10,000 hryvnia (275.95 euros) in all participating banks. 100, 200, 500 and 1000 hryvnia bills are accepted.

The gaps in the supermarkets are getting bigger: the price war between international corporations and German retailers is escalating like never before. Smaller companies from Germany could benefit from this.

Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and Howard Marks have made billions as investors. They recommend completely different strategies for the coming years. For this reason, they give very useful tips for private investors.

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