presented No Keynote, no big announcement: Apple has today, quite atypical of a new iPad Pro. But, the Corona-crisis even before the US tech group’s holding. The new Tablet is already in the Store, and can be ordered. From the 25. March it will be delivered. Watch you can’t go there for the time being, of course, because the Apple Stores are not only in Switzerland but around the world closed. Except in China, where the Situation has calmed down, that the Americans have opened their shops again.

At first glance, has not changed the professional iPad much. It gives the device more in 11 and 12.9 inches with pretty edge-to-edge Screen. Technically, it was upgraded, so there is about new instead of 64, at least 128 GB of memory.

As for the processor, the A12Z processor. However, the A13 from the iPhone last autumn, as one might expect. Really new is the triple-camera on the back, so far, there were iPads, only one lens is.

New iPad has the same three Sensors in the camera system

in addition to the tried-and-tested 12-Megapixel Sensor as the main camera, there is a new wide-angle optic, which is dissolved with 10 mega pixels. The idea behind this is that you can make directly with the iPad, photos and Videos in very good quality and can edit.

The third Sensor is a so-called LiDAR Scanner, which means “Light Detection and Ranging”. In order for the iPad distances can be measured even more accurately, which helps with the fusion of reality and the artificial world. So in the case of Augmented Reality applications, the Apple is pushing well into the future.

The Super-keyboard costs a Super-price

In many ways, surprised the new keyboard. Although Apple launched the iPad now, have to wait for the Fans on the Magic Keyboard. The accessory should come only in may in Switzerland, such as the day-reported indicator. On the Swiss Apple website description was switched on in the late afternoon, nothing for the keyboard and the iPad in English and without technical Details.

And the prices have it all. 320 Swiss francs is the cost of the keyboard for the iPad Pro, 370 francs for the large iPad. Don’t forget that you also paid for the pin 149 Swiss francs extra. After all, the old keyboard is still compatible with 200 Swiss francs but also not a bargain.

The Magic Keyboard but it also has some magical features. So you can attach to the iPad magnetically so that the Screen floats in the air and like a Laptop is usable. It is only the keyboard is on the table, the iPad hangs in the air. The view angle can be adjusted infinitely.

also Great is the extra USB-C connector for the keyboard. So you can charge the iPad conveniently, and at the same time the port on the iPad for accessories such as cameras use. Also, the keys themselves are reminiscent of those of the MacBook, also there for the first time, a Trackpad. So you can’t use the applications only via keys and touch screen, but also with the Trackpad or with a mouse. An Update for the operating system is soon to come, then you see on the Screen a Cursor in the case of normal computers.

Apple is approaching the iPad to the notebook. Step-by-step. This is good news for professionals who want to use a very compact, lightweight device with long battery life. It is great that the new keyboard is also available with the last Generation of iPad Pros compatible. Anyone who has bought so just one do not need to fret.