Chancellor Olaf Scholz was said to have been a guest of Warburg banker Christian Olearius during his time as Hamburg’s first mayor. This emerges from a note from the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office

The news portal “t-online” reported on it. A former Hamburg judge reported to the public prosecutor’s office and pointed out that Olearius’ cleaning lady allegedly recognized Scholz in the banker’s villa.

In the course of the Cum-Ex affair, observers suspect that Scholz may have exerted political influence on the financial authorities of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg so that the Hamburg Warburg Bank does not have to pay tax debts. It is about more than 170 million euros. So far, Scholz had not mentioned a meeting at Olearius’ villa in Hamburg-Blankenese. The Chancellor did not take a position on t-online either. Olearius’ lawyer told t-online that Scholz had not been a private guest at Olearius. He did not comment on whether there were meetings with a business background in the villa.