Police in Manchester, NH are looking for a man who allegedly assaulted a hotel worker, as she asked him to wear a face mask. He threw a glass vase at the woman, hitting her in the face as he stormed out of the lobby.

The alleged assault happened on the evening of December 8 at a Holiday Inn Express, but the suspected was publicly identified by the police only on Monday. He is a 23-year-old from Manchester named Ayuen Leek, law enforcement said, posting the suspect’s photo.

Manchester Police are actively looking for 23 y/o Ayuen Leek. He is wanted in connection with an assault at the Holiday Inn Express earlier this month. He is believed to have thrown a glass vase at a hotel employee when she told him to put a mask on.

The man allegedly showed up at the hotel lobby several times over the day without a mask, and each time but the last put one on when asked. His final visit ended with him picking up a glass vase and throwing it at a hotel employee, before running from the lobby, according to footage of the incident released earlier. The video shows the vase hitting the woman before falling to the ground and shattering into pieces.

Manchester Police are looking for this man. He threw a glass vase at a hotel employee after she asked him to put a mask on. Call MPD at 603-668-8711 if you have any info.

The worker, who was not identified in the latest update, said Leek yelled and swore at her after she asked him to wear a mask. She said she asked him to leave and was hit in the face in response. The police said they have secured an arrest warrant for Leek, who is wanted for felony second degree assault.

Judging by local media reports, in 2015, a man called Ayuen Leek, then 18, was charged with robbery and second degree assault after allegedly snatching a wallet from a man and running away. The victim reportedly caught up with him shortly afterwards, and was hurt in the ensuing fight.

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