Although primary and lower secondary youngest pupils can look forward to soon to see their classmates and teachers again, everyday is not quite the same, as before, schools and day care centers were closed.

in Order to reduce infection with the coronavirus has the Board made a new guide to the country’s schools and day care centers.

Schools are closed up for easter following several weeks of shutdown.

‘Pupils should be placed at the tables, there is two meters between the students. It may be necessary to share the students into groups and distribute them in several classrooms in order to ensure the necessary distance,’ writes the Danish Health and medicines authority.

in Addition, it is recommended that as many activities as possible take place outdoors, and that recess is held offset.

Teachers and students should avoid public transport during the excursions, and then the children are encouraged to play with each other in the same small groups both during school and leisure time.

Finally comes the hygiene to fill the part after easter:

‘to ensure good hand hygiene all staff, pupils and the accompanying adults wash hands with water and liquid soap when they come into the school,’ writes the national board of Health in its guidance.