Hardly a day goes by that no car maker announces a new electric model. Now Opel is in it and proclaimed that by the year 2024 of any model, an electrified variant. The beginning of the Grand country X, the largest SUV in the brand now. As the first Opel on the French platform of parent company PSA (Peugeot/Citroën/DS) of the SUV from the beginning of 2020, also as part of electric Plug-in Hybrid variant at the Start.

Up to 50 E-miles

In the Grand country X Hybrid4, the model is officially a biased 1.6-Liter turbo gasoline engine (200 horsepower) with two electric motors-one each on Front and rear axle. The result: 300 HP, system performance and the gabs at the Grand country X has not so far been finally all-wheel drive. Thanks to the 13.2-kWh battery under the rear seats of the SUV driving up to 50 kilometers purely electrically-and should consume according to the standard as a result, only 2.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Overall, the driver can choose from four different driving modes: electric, Hybrid, all-wheel drive and Sport, depending on driving requirements.

New E-models until 2021

The start of sales of the first Plug-in hybrid from Opel is already planned for the coming weeks. Prices of the German car maker is not known yet. The all-new Grand country X Hybrid4 is the first model in a whole range of electrified vehicles. In addition to the Ampera-e, which is still in the program and still on the old GM platform based, Opel will introduce the world within 20 months of the Corsa, the next-Generation, the new Zafira Life, the new Transporter, Vivaro and the successor of the mocha X – each model is also available as a pure battery electric Version.