“We need to ensure logistics and personnel from the field to the plate!”

Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner defendant on Thursday, staff shortages in the food supply and in the transport infrastructure. Well presented, Klöckner, and the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer planned measures to remedy the situation!

the transport of goods Covenant to secure the infrastructure

The Federal government’s new measures on sets, according to the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to provide a stable base of supply to maintain.

Scheuer said that now the “freight-Transport-Pact for Germany” is coming. This was concluded with the German logistics industry and the five umbrella associations.

“All the strict still a little bit more,” says Scheuer – so that the free flow of goods will be secured and “international and national challenges” mastered. The Minister of transport stressed that the government’s concern for greater flexibility, and presented the planned measures:

▶︎ Sundays and holiday driving bans for Lorries were relaxed, also driving and rest times, working hours made more flexible arrangements. The goods should also get more space: “Where it is possible, should there be separate tracks for freight traffic.”