The Agency reported the alleged 108 millions of isolated local residents. However, the evidence of this information was not made public.

Bloomberg claimed that 108 million people in China who were in isolation due to new outbreaks of coronavirus infection. These data were presented Monday, may 18, citing informed sources.

According to the Agency, we are talking about Jilin province, which was allegedly recorded 34 new cases of infection with coronavirus. As a result, was introduced strict quarantine measures: suspended train and bus service, closed children’s institutions, the local people went to isolate themselves.

It is reported that in one of the cities of the province, Solana, on Monday, local authorities announced that will be blocked apartment complexes that have residents affected by the results of tests for coronavirus or suspected him. Only one person from a family living in these complexes will be able to get out of the house every two days for two hours to buy groceries and other products. Bloomberg also writes that in pharmacies province allegedly stopped selling TB drugs to local residents could not hide the symptoms of coronavirus, and not self-medicating.

According to the latest world statistics Worldometers Agency, in all of China over the past day were only 7 new cases of infection. There is no one dead, and the country occupies the 13th position in the number of people infected with coronavirus. At the moment in China 82 954 persons have a confirmed coronavirus.

Earlier, Bloomberg criticized the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova for the material of may 13, the title to which the Agency tried to correct twice. A note about the allegedly low statistics of deaths from coronavirus in Russia in the original version was called “the Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians”, then the publication has replaced the heading “Experts wonder about the Russian data on mortality from COVID-19”.