The Velocity Studio in Zurich-Enge if you enter directly from the Track 1 of the station. Before the lesson, a greeted by the instructor and explains the extraordinary Xformer-device Trend has brought the owner of Mallory Nieman (34) from New York. The 34-Year-old is an instruction to be particularly important: “people should be able to do the Exercises safely and correctly, only then the Training will be much use. We put a lot of energy in the training of the instructors,” says Nieman in conversation with a VIEW.

According to the introduction, turned the music loud and Disco-like atmosphere this is it. The Sound whips through the Training. You sweat and overcome together, to do even more repetitions of the Exercise.

“I’m glad I’m not tumbling down from the Xformer down – that would have been a nice laugh,” says one Participant, which was the first Time. And further: “Though I’m not dripping wet, but I sweated neatly. And I really used all the muscles. Also unknown to me…”, is her conclusion.

Every ninth Swiss goes to the gym

Today, one in nine residents is already a customer in a Studio. Five years ago, to one-eleventh of the Swiss. The latest Report of the Swiss Fitness and health centre Association shows.

industry experts estimate that the so-called functional Training as an important Trend. This Workout is not a muscle group is trained in isolation, such as during unit training, but the whole body. Unlike the health-oriented Training: Because you want to relieve, for example, back pain.

Exercise in a Party atmosphere,

New should not come before all the Fun is too short. To the Party-wave Velocity in Zurich has risen up. The Studios offer several Cyclists-group classes in a Party atmosphere. Together with disco sound sweat, to motivate maximum performance.

Less sweating, the whole body a workout, this is the new “Power”Training in the Velocity promises Studio – a Trend-appropriate functional Training. Anyone who expects a training lesson in a bright, empty Studio, with equipment, will be properly surprised. In the black room, a dozen so-called Xformer devices for the “Power”workout, a fun light writing on the wall and the mirrors everywhere are scarce. This is very loud music and dim light.

What’s new?

the device, called The Xformer looks like a wide bench with a variety of handles, straps, and feathers. The Bank consists of two fixed Parts and a carriage that can move back and forth. The springs are used to Adjust how much you pull on the slide or have to go to the hospital. If you do so, push-UPS, are the feet on the fixed part and the arms on the carriage. In addition to the power to make a pushups, you have to stabilize in addition, because the slide moves. Such an Exercise is more strenuous.

“two hundred Exercises you can do on the device,” explains Nieman. Together with her husband, Travis Nieman (43) she founded Velocity, three years ago. In the first branch of the Name were the only bikes therefore. In New York, she discovered the Xformer and was thrilled. So excited that you imported the same in Switzerland and now just training in order to offer.

The first branch of the Velocity arose from reasons of space, in Zurich West. This year, the Niemans to Zug and Zurich have grown Close. And it runs in both branches of a good, if also quite different: “In the train courses over lunch in Zurich-Enge in the evening and on weekends,” says Nieman. Your guess: In the train more and more business people, working there and in Zurich, more people live in the city and live it.