For almost a year, the SP has a Plan: she says Yes to new fighter jets, wants to raise the Federal Council. But not to those that are available for selection. The French Rafale, the Eurofighter and the US products Super Hornet and F-35 are Enjoyed, namely, to tax.

“For the air police service a normal aircraft ranges. The police also have to do not with a Lamborghini on the beat,” said the Zurich-based SP-security politician Priska Seiler count (51) last week against the “Rundschau” of SRF.

Small, agile, cheap

Instead, the SP is proposing a “Fiat Panda” for the air defense – a lightweight, small, agile plane instead of a Hochleistungsjets. The former is in procurement and operations is much cheaper, technologically less vulnerable and much less maintenance-intensive. Nevertheless, it could equip with weapons. One of these light airplanes have looked at the Enjoyed: the M-346 to the Italian company Alenia Aeromacchi.

to prove that this Jet is actually better for Switzerland, has given the SP a report by three renowned American experts, including Michael Unbehauen, a former U.S. air defense officer who served, among other things, in Israel, Kuwait and Qatar.

the Federal Council has the wrong strategy

Unbehauen comes according to “NZZ on Sunday” to the conclusion that the strategy of the Federal Council for the air defence of the future threats adequately. A strong ground-based air defence system (Bodluv) with powerful Radar is much more effective than a fleet of modern fighter jets.

Switzerland could, therefore, be restricted to buy planes for the air police service, and for – rare – other missions the F/A-18 fleet to be kept in readiness. Potential savings: up to three billion Swiss francs, half of what he wants to spend the Federal Council.

Little chance for Comrades

Seiler Graf will also be in the security-political Commission of the request, to check this cheap variant. This, although the Council of States has already said Yes to the 6 billion Swiss francs for new Jets. Seiler count but hopes on the new national Council, in particular, the Greens were able to grow. Only: With the FDP, SVP and CVP are three large parties that have a majority standing behind the Six-billion-Budget. Too much hope can make the Enjoyed therefore.