Progress instead of Facelift

As the successor to the 488 GTB designed – evil tongues would speak of a comprehensive Facelift, has improved Ferrari’s new F8 all around. Starting with the more developed, even more powerful V8 Biturbo engine, over 40 kilos of weight reduction up to more sophisticated aerodynamics – also this Ferrari is a masterpiece of engineering.

Ferrari as before

Ferrari-Disciples of the bonds to older models see immediately is that The L-shape of the headlights (like 488) at F8 from a thin LED slit and aerodynamic air intakes. The three air vents in the Plexiglas on the V8 are reminiscent of the legendary F40, the return to the double tail lamp on models such as the GTO, or the F-355.

Fit and fresh

720 HP, or 50 HP more than the 488 GTB. With a power output of 185 HP per Liter of displacement, the Biturbo engine in the F8 mutated to the most powerful V8 in a series-Ferrari. On paper, 2.9 seconds to 100 offense, only 7.8 seconds sinds a speed of up to 200 and the peak is only reached at 340 km/h. In practice, it feels like a Kick in the back – usually without risk of injury.

Nimble and naughty

Terrific throttle response delay as an anchor throw, a steering mechanism, which is not directly fused to the F8, we are rarely in a car. In Sport mode, also a to earlier does not Occur when curve output from the rest of the athletes. Oversteer: not a Chance. On the “Race” begins to the rear, to prance controlled, “CT Off” and the ESP is switched off to enable experienced pilots on the track – then it’ll work also with the drifting.

Whisper instead of Fortissimo

The Sound must pay tribute to the F8 as all of the other sports cars the new gasoline particulate filters to Comply with the strict 6d standard tribute. Ferrari speaks of a unique Sound, we find: unique quietly for a red racer. The spokesperson confirmed to us behind his Hand. The V8 sounds great, the typical screaming in the upper rpm range from remains.


the passion of The Italians to their products is unique. 90 minutes on more efficient aerodynamics, reducing the moment of Inertia or increase the cooling surfaces and only a few percent, really only for die-hard Ferraristi. The attention to detail pays off for the buyer or the lucky test driver at the wheel.

room for Improvement

Unfortunately, the meticulousness in the interior continues not quite. The Navi is ables, neither particularly good – still operated – but in a Ferrari the journey is ultimately the goal, and may take time longer. A Head-up Display would be cool, but there, but for the passenger on a mini screen. A lot of the not also, but at least the front passenger can’t feel now, but also see what G-forces in curves.

conclusion from a financial Advisor

The F8 Tributo moves almost as fast as the 488 Pista, but thanks to a Minimum level of comfort-and 200-litre boot even everyday use. Anyone who takes on the sports car from 264’280 CHF in the driveway, but shopping is probably rarely myself in Migros, but the of his servants to make or just take the car to the next to a parked site.