In October 2017 opened Lalla Salma (40), the Yves-Saint-Laurent-Museum in Marrakech. Since then, it has seen the Princess of Morocco in Public. Her husband, king Mohammed VI (55) attended public occasions, always alone, even as the Royal had open heart surgery, was not Salma present.

Much about the mysterious Disappearance of the king’s wife has been speculated. Now the Spanish magazine “Hola wants to have found out”, where Salma is hiding. The Princess believed to be still in Morocco, but off to the Public a new life. Because you have already in March 2018 by the Moroccan king to get a divorce. Although Mohammed VI, even in 2004, has enacted a law stating that women must leave their husbands, get a divorce, is that in Islamic Morocco is still a scandal.

Lalla Salma is know your children are always close

The magazine wants Salma remained in Morocco to be their two children, crown Prince Moulay Hassan (15) and Princess Lalla Khadija (11). To have you still in close contact. In between travel she has to be friends to France or to the Greek island of Kea, where a Villa.

The Royal house has not commented on the new rumors. That Salma was not, however, last week during the state visit of Spain’s king Felipe (51) and Queen Letizia (46) in the present, speaks volumes. Therefore, it is also unrealistic to assume that you, if this week, Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) to visit Morocco. (klm)