After the death of director Dieter Wedel († 82), new details about the inheritance dispute became known. As the Bild newspaper reports, his widow Uschi Wolters tried strategically to leave as little of the inheritance as possible to Wedel’s two sons Benjamin and Dominik. Uschi Wolters died just a few weeks after her husband.

The image is said to be an email from Wolters from 2018. It states: “The inheritance of the sons is limited to the compulsory portion. What can be done to reduce children’s inheritance rights? Dieter is just giving me 500,000 euros as a gift.” An apartment in Mallorca is also part of the director’s million-dollar legacy. The sons, with whom Wedel had a difficult relationship throughout his life, should only have a compulsory share. As the image wants to know, after the death of Uschi Wolters, a probate court is now taking care of the inheritance matter.

After Dieter Wedel’s death, his ex Dominique Voland accused the director of abusing her. Besides, she hadn’t known about his wife for a long time. A former employee of Wedel spoke up and claimed otherwise.

More and more unpleasant allegations are coming to light about the late director Dieter Wedel. The latest comes from his ex-girlfriend Dominique Voland. In an interview, she now says that the first sex between the two was not consensual.

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