Jacob Jensen sat down for the first time in the president’s office in the Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) last Monday.

the Day after was the summer EM deferred. Goodbye – at least in a year’s time – to the historic slutrundekampe and red-and-white celebration in Copenhagen.

A day later, the closed prime minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark down, and it means that all football in denmark right now is postponed indefinitely.

In the same week, 30 employees fired because of the deferral of EM, and a few days ago, sent Jacob Jensen, so 70 DBU-workers husband home in order to avoid mass layoffs as a consequence of coronavirussen.

So to call his first time in the job for ‘tumultarisk’ would be a mild understatement.

But the new director is fully aware of the fact that the turbulence becomes a regular companion in his first term. For corona-the crisis will make clear economic scratches in the DBU-the varnish, admits Jacob Jensen.

“This is not going to overthrow the DBU. DBU is a solid and robust organization, which also has a better economy than we have had in the past. But it is clear that, when it is said, we are in a situation right now where we lose a lot of revenue,” says Jacob Jensen, and continues:

“We should have played internationals, have held courses, which we would make money on, and held a variety of commercial activities. It comes we do not to now.”

How much money comes In to lose it here?

“I can’t quite say. We don’t even know when we get started again. All football in Denmark has been cancelled, and it is clear, it is a lot of money, which we miss, which we had projected to get. I can’t tell you exactly how much it is, but it is a significant amount of money we lose, as the world looks right now.”

So, if I now guess that it will be a great tens of millions of dollars?

“It depends entirely on how long it takes. It dry I simply do not say anything about it.”

Get yours loss consequences for landsholdene – compared to, for example, the setup can provide the players?

“I hope certainly not. We come from a place where we have a good economy, and we are clearly after, that it here not to put themselves in the sporting setup, there are about our national team. How we get there, it depends on all the unknowns we have right now – where the biggest is, how long the here the epidemic lasts, and how it puts itself in the Danish and european society.”

you have signed out, to have fired 30 and sent 70 home. Come In to guys more?

“Our goal is clearly not to lay off any further. The 30 we had to unfortunately lay off in the last week of our EURO 2020, the secretariat, as it was made clear that the EM is deferred to the next year. Therefore, there is no need for the same staffing level now. And the 70 are sent home on lønkompensationsordningen, precisely to avoid to fire someone. We do this to ensure that we get the strongest possible return on the other side of the crisis, for here the soccer ball is important in order to bring together and create community and optimism both on and off the field.”

you have two landstrænere on the contract in the form of Åge Hareide and Kasper Hjulmand and Hareide has been in charge of the national team for the last time. Are the two among them which are sent home?

“We have sent landstrænere home. We did not put the names of who they landstrænere is. And it is considered that it is a personaleanliggende for us. And the employees in question received the first message yesterday, so I will not trust myself in.”

We have seen in Norway, to landstrænerne go 20% down in pay as a direct consequence of the corona-crisis. It can be currently in the DBU?

“It is not something we are working on, no,” says Jacob Jensen.