New date for the vote on the Constitution will be appointed by decree of the President

on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin made a televised address to the citizens of Russia, in which he proposed to postpone the vote to a later date because of the situation with coronavirus.

“To assign a new date for the vote, the President will issue a new decree,” said Klishas. He recalled that after the signing of the decree on holding a nationwide vote on 22 April, the President admitted the possibility of postponement of the event if required by the epidemiological situation.

Photo: Nina zotina/RIA Novosti Most importantly from the appeal of Vladimir Putin to the citizens of

Recall that the order of appointment of the all-Russian vote on the amendment to the Constitution prescribed in article 2 of the law, approved by the Federation Council on March 14.

“the Initiative of holding a nationwide vote belongs to the President of the Russian Federation. The Russian President appoints a nationwide vote of his decree. The presidential decree on the appointment of the nationwide vote contains the question to be submitted to a nationwide vote determined the day of nationwide voting”, – stated in the paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article.

Support of the amendments, more than half of the participants – a prerequisite for their entry into force.