Fresh, fresh, unconventional – the new defence Minister Viola Amherd (57), with the laurels heaped. No wonder, the CVP Federal councillor and the national good.

Unconventional – this reputation makes Amherd now all the glory. However, involuntarily. As head of the new Department of Cyber, computer science and information security, in its General Secretariat has called Roger Michlig (41).

IT don’t

Unconventional this appointment is that Michlig no experience in the area of cyber security. Only during his economic and political studies of the Valais has completed a “deepening economic Informatics”.

but the right party has Michlig book. How Amherd, member of the CVP in the upper Valais, of which he was even a few years President is Michlig namely. How closely the Brigerin and the Natischer are, is shown by the fact that Michlig last December, the Grand reception of the newly elected Federal councillor in Brig, organized. Even then, the “Walliser Bote speculated” that Michligs Bounce to Bern was probably a matter of time.

geschäfteten together

professionally Amherd and Michlig were in League. Michlig business is currently the head of the regional developer’s RW Oberwallis, a joint stock company owned by the Canton and the municipalities. In the Board of Directors to 2012: Viola Amherd, former city President of the Brig.

when staff decision is made, the origin was more important than the qualification, in the negative Amherds Department to the NZZ. Michlig have set themselves against several candidates, most recently in an Assessment against three competitors, so the DDPS-head of communications Renato Kalbermatten. In addition, the Secretary-General Toni Eder, was chosen Michlig, not the head of Department.

well-Known CVP-tactics

Unconventional, too: Know-how in the field of IT or in the Cyber-security was not demanded in the job advertisement explicitly. Were asked experience in project management, communication skills and social competence as well as knowledge of two official languages.

It is not the first Time that the CVP-officials are due to post-close haggling at the pillory. Also Amherds predecessor Doris Leuthard (56) had to let the accused to give party friends lucrative Jobs – for example, in 2015, as they made the old CVP-Ständerat Urs Schwaller (66) to the Post of President. Natalie Rickli (42), then SVP national councillor, spoke of CVP-felt, former Federal councillor Pascal Couchepin (77) made the CVP to “Adecco politics: a party that only exists to give its members better Bodies”.