Children and adult polyclinic for 750 visits per shift will appear in the Izmailovo district, reported on the official portal of the mayor and government of Moscow. As the head of the Moscow Department of construction Rafik Zagrutdinov, to put into operation a new facility plan in 2022, the development of design-estimate documentation.

The clinic will apply to the second level of the outpatient medical care that involves the use of modern high-tech medical equipment, supplies and medicines.

The five-storey building will be located at the following address: Izmaylovskiy Prospekt, house 63, 65 and 67. It will accommodate offices of therapy, radiation and functional diagnostics, pharmacy, administrative offices and a café. Also provides blocks for the reception of analyses, the issue of sick and prescriptions, nursing services, rehabilitation and other facilities.

"this year has already commissioned a children’s policlinic No. 71 for 320 visits per shift in Marfino and the children’s and adult clinic for 320 visits per shift in the area of Zamoskvorechye. Until the end of the year it is planned to begin construction of an additional 14 outpatient clinics", – said Rafik Zagrutdinov.

Earlier it was reported that 35 clinics in the city will receive additional capacity, necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the latest digital equipment.