On our planet a huge number of volcanoes that are a threat to our civilization. The most dangerous volcanoes can not only destroy a large number of people, but also to put human civilization on the brink of extinction.

Many experts from the world of science exploring the most dangerous volcanoes. Soon some of these natural formations can start the eruption, experts say. The last strong eruption was recorded in Indonesia in 1883. So active was the volcano Krakatoa. Because of this for a long time the inhabitants of Europe observed a very strange sunset that was depicted in the paintings of that time.

If you compare the eyjafjallajökull eruption of Krakatoa, in the first case was made of 0.1 cubic kilometres of magma, and in the second 25. Even more terrible was the eruption of Tambora volcano in 1815, when it was ejected about 150 cubic kilometers of igneous material. The eruption was heard over 2500 kilometers, and the region with a diameter of 600 kilometers around the volcano plunged into darkness due to huge ash clouds.

Most attention focused on the process. what is happening in the Yellowstone Caldera. If this volcano were to erupt, the consequences could be disastrous not only for Americans but for people all over the world. The exact timing of the eruption may not be called one, so the experts continue to monitor the most dangerous volcanoes.