There are only few Bands, the detection value have a similar Back as the punk rocker to the Songwriterduo Greg Graffin and Brett is their first. For almost 40 years, they maintain their irresistible Melody-the Core with great Hooks.

“We have always stood for progressive values,” said guitarist is their first on the occasion of the new album. “Currently, values such as truth, freedom, equality, and tolerance are at high risk. The Album is our response to the current conditions.” On “Age Of Unreason” to prove to the Californians that they have lost none of their musical and lyrical relevance to anything.

The brash Opener, “Chaos From Within,” describes the domestic political climate in the United States and accuses the wall construction plans of U.S. President Donald Trump on the border with Mexico. In the “End Of History” sings Graffin: “We Want an Open Society” (“We want an open society”).

Graffin, has a PhD in evolutionary biology, but also studied history, has recognized in his reading about the French Revolution and the American civil war, pattern, repeat now. “These are Alarm signals that every school child should know”, is quoted in documents of the 54-Year-old in the Press. However, it should be hard to get people to inform themselves about such things. His desire: “Maybe our Album can help.”

Musically, the Age of Unreason builds on its predecessor, “True North”. This means that Bad Religion are oriented to their roots, as they laid the end of the 80s with the albums “Suffer” and “No Control” is the Basis for today’s legend status.