The recognizable turquoise Petit Dep sign has just appeared on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, at the corner of Laurier Avenue.

With this fourth branch located in Mile End, the café-grocery-buvette looks more like its little brother in Griffintown, unlike the two addresses in Old Montreal (which have more of a “convenience” side).

As soon as the alcohol license is ready, we will serve wines, beers and cocktails to consume on the spot, which we can accompany with mixed platters to share: burrata, charcuterie, trio of hummus, salmon gravlax… It already offers a ready-to-eat menu consisting of sandwiches, salads, chia puddings or yogurt and granola, not to mention the fresh pastries every morning, which come from L’Amour du pain.

As in most other Petit Dep, there is a grocery section made up almost entirely of Quebec products, including candies from Candylabs, nut butters from Logan small batch, or chips from Les Filles Fattoush – to name a few. name a few.

Open from 8 a.m. every day, until quite late in the evening to celebrate.