Nevsky, the court arrested 2 months suspects in a Bank robbery

Nevsky district court chose today the measure of restraint for two men suspected of the attack on the Bank. They were arrested for two months.

the Daring crime was committed on March 16. Surveillance cameras recorded as the people in masks and with machine guns burst into the Bank and ordered everyone to lie on the floor. Then threatening the cashier, forced to give all the cash nearly half a million rubles.

the Criminals was caught red handed. They were detained in the yard of one of houses on Prospekt Bolshevikov, reports GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”.

the Detainees — previously convicted Alexander Logutenko and Roman Kosov. The court tried to justify that money — a Deposit for the car and the weapon for safety. One of them refused to plead guilty, the other admitted in full. Moreover, confessed to other robberies of banks.

In the interests of the investigation details the investigation has not been disclosed. The court, considering all the circumstances, remained adamant. Accomplices, who have already served time together, got two months detention.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”