Also still a large number of tourists to the border of the neighbouring state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to hold still. “The cottages are full,” said Reinhardt. Cars with foreign license plates to be increased in the County on the road. “We had feared.”

The district was imposed as the only municipality of the country, a travel ban, according to the tourist Arriving in the area of Ostprignitz-Ruppin for private reasons is prohibited. Not concern was to overwhelm the health system. The Potsdam administrative court, however, two Berliners law, who wanted to, in spite of the ban on a second home in the travel. The OVG upheld the decisions.

Currently, in the district of 36 Covid-19-confirmed cases is known to be 3 more than on Wednesday. 6 Diseased were healed. 6 are therefore in-patient treatment, of which a respiration is. Around 130 people are currently in Isolation. In order to identify contact persons faster, has requested the County’s support of five soldiers of the armed forces – you to take the telephone – and transportation services or the delivery of protective equipment to help.

Reinhardt called to the fact that people – even without Covid-19-symptoms – of Doctors and emergency contact points. “There can be no case that we take due to the epidemic of severe physical damage or even death from fear of a contagion risk in buying,” he said. “Everyone can be treated.”