The current problems with card payments in supermarkets and petrol stations are causing a lot of frustration among people. On the Internet, many see confirmation that cash is still justified. Others warn of increasing digitization.

Since Tuesday there have been problems with certain card payment devices from a manufacturer throughout Germany. Supermarkets are affected, as are gas stations and bakeries.

The message is widely discussed online. Hundreds of comments have accumulated on FOCUS Online’s Facebook page alone. For many, the failure is a nuisance – and a confirmation that cash is far from obsolete.

One user writes: “So much on the subject: we don’t need cash.” Many others comment: “Only cash is true” – it is by far the most common comment.

But some people also see a fundamental problem in an increasingly digital world: “Cheers for technology. The best thing is if we make ourselves even more dependent on it. It makes our life easier?”

Or: “Have a cheer for digitization. Now the ATMs and convenience generation learns what it’s like to live without a plan B. At the mercy of technology. Very reassuring.”

Another user writes: “Long live cash! EC and apps have no future with software errors, digital generally dangerous due to data misuse.”

However, some people don’t have this problem. “I went shopping at Aldi yesterday afternoon and paid by card without any problems,” writes one. And even within a shop it seems to be different: “In our net store it doesn’t work at 2 checkouts and it works at 2 checkouts. Totally insane.”

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