Every child knows them. More and more you will eat The stinging nettle makes its way – not only in the forgotten corners of the garden, but also in the top gastronomy. Due to the is not least, your biggest Fan: Doris Abbot (39), also nettle Queen.

the Abbot’s rich is an old farmhouse in the Zurich Oetwil am see. In lieu of flowers, a nettle in the Vase, others dangle dried from the ceiling.

The love is fresh. Three years ago, did not know Abt what to do with the Plant. You from crack you weed. But then she heard stories about the hives and began to inform. Because what you heard was whimsical. The nettle is rich in iron and Protein – and they taste even more delicious.

nettles landed early and often on the plate. In large Parts of Germany, it should have after the Second world war barely nettles – all eaten.

decades later, the Plant is experiencing a Revival. This time not out of Need. “The nettle is a Superfood that grows directly in front of the door,” says Abbot. Your Mission is to make the hives more well-known. She founded the Association the focal point of a nettle.

The little Diva

Because, of course, there is something that discourages many: the ability to defend the nettle. Little Diva Abbot is called. You know what protects us from the Burning: a wall of wood! A few times firmly on the leaves and the subtle poison hairs roles are gone.

won for the first time, are the imagination hardly any limits. Pesto, Risotto, Spätzli, but also Sweet like souffle you can make from the herb. Even nettle beer.

And who would have thought it: The nettle also helps in love. From many areas of this custom is handed down: On a hot Friday before sunrise secretly on a nettle Bush to urinate, the name of the Coveted say and the Plant and sprinkle with salt. The hives after sunset, dig up, and this spell recite: “Oil, Ammel, furor, as the nettle will burn, so burn her (or his) heart after me.”

certainly true is that the nettle leaves butterflies fly: 40 caterpillar species feed on the nettle. What tastes caterpillars, helps sheep. Bauer, Urs Maier from Uesslingen, TG plant for four years, nettles, to feed to his animals. He is convinced of their healing power. “The nettle keeps my 800 sheep are healthy,” says Maier. And its organic-nettle-milk, which then lands in the sheep’s milk yoghurt the gross distribution.

Gourmets pull

But even without the detour over the sheep, and Also Gourmets burn, more recently, for the hives. Friday afternoon at the Opera Restaurant in Zurich, awarded with 15 Gault-Millau points. Top chef David Krüger stirred in the pot with nettle cream.

For him, the cooks, with over 200 herbs, belongs to the nettle on the plate. “The Heuaroma is unmistakable!” The nettle should therefore play the main role in the kitchen, says Krüger.

Doris Abt freuts. She is convinced that the nettle has a huge potential is far from exhausted.

1. Nettle leaves and wash with the wall, wood roll out so that you can burn.

2. Oil in pan and heat.

3. Leaves in succession.

4. Once they no longer hiss, you are finished and can be taken out with a fork.

5. Roasted almonds briefly on the kitchen paper so that the excess Oil is absorbed.

6. With salt or sprinkle with spices.

Who know more about this herb: In Winterthur, ZH, the nettle weeks run until Saturday. And many Restaurants, the hives have as the Opera in Zurich on the map.