The US streaming service of Netflix adjusts its prices in the German-speaking countries: 21.90 francs to pay Swiss users for the most expensive subscription that are in month two francs more than in the past, you get HD or 4K resolution and can stream to up to four devices at the same time.

One franc more, namely re-16.90 francs, it costs the Standard plan, with the simultaneous playback on two devices is possible.

Only those users with the cheapest solution, namely the base subscription for 11.90 Swiss francs, do not have to pay more. The commuter newspaper “20 minutes, writes” today. The increase in favour of New subscribers effective immediately, for existing from the may invoice. This is the second price increase since Netflix 2014 in the Swiss market occurred.

Netflix: “Have a lot of

is investing” A Netflix spokesman has justified the increase: “We invest a lot of money for high-quality movies and TV shows.” Also, the technology of the platform itself to evolve. “In the Film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” the user can select the course of history itself.”

Jean-Claude Frick, digital expert at Comparis, the step to “20 minutes” justified: “For what Netflix to date, the subscriptions in the past, almost too favorable.”

was The goal to attract as many subscribers as possible. Now the service have achieved and can afford to adjust prices. (kst)