the creators of The Netflix hit series “The Crown” is selected, a newcomer for the role of Princess Diana. The producers of the series announced on Twitter. Emma Corrin will play from the fourth season of the 1997 deceased mother of Prince Harry (34) and Prince William (36).

Previously, Corrin was according to the “Internet Movie Database” just in the short film “Alex’s Dream” and to see in an episode of the British mystery series “Grantchester”. In the upcoming Drama “Misbehaviour” will be the newcomer on the side of Hollywood Star Keira Knightley (34) and Suki Waterhouse (27).

Corrin feels “unbelievable

On Instagram to be honored,” writes the British actress about her role in “The Crown” that they are “thrilled and overjoyed”. In addition, they will inform their close to 3’000 followers, that she is “incredibly honored”. Diana was an icon, whose estate for the world is still important and inspiring.

The “Hollywood Reporter” said Peter Morgan (55), the Creator of the series, Corrin was “a brilliant Talent”, have charmed the Casting all present “immediately”. “The Crown” is one of the most expensive projects of the Online Streaming service Netflix. The historical drama shows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (92) and tries the history of the Royals as much detail as possible to portray faithfully.

The third season of the hit series, is expected to start this year. The shooting for the fourth, “The Crown”-season will also begin this year. (euc)