1. Arrow – season 6

Video Credit: Youtube/cinema check Home

release date: 1.8.2019

As of the philanthropist Oliver Queen five years after a tragic shipwreck on a deserted island, he returns to his hometown of Starling City to be discovered. However, things are not as he remembered it. Oliver turns his newly acquired skills in the hero of “Arrow” and trying to protect his city from the corruption.

In the sixth season of Arrow with the other super heroes joined for a final battle against Evil. Just as he thinks he would have put together the perfect Team, threatens an old acquaintance to destroy everything. Suddenly, Oliver is forced to examine each of his team members on the heart and kidneys, because he knows that he can’t one of the teammates trust.

2. Dear White People – third edition

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 2.8.2019

“Dear White People” revolves around a group of African-American students who go to a prestigious University in the United States. In addition to the usual difficulties, as students, the young people also deal with further challenges such as racism, cultural prejudice, and topics that deal with the political correctness. To be able to these issues their classmates in a way that you can moderate a radio show called “Dear White People”.

3. Glow – season 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 9.8.2019

The unsuccessful actress Ruth Wilder takes part in the 1980s to an anonymous Casting for a TV show. You don’t know that group is a female Wrestling that’s called “Glow”. In spite of considerable differences with the Director she manages to get hold of one of the twelve places. Through the close working together of friends, the different women and a small family. However, the Survival in Hollywood is a walk in the Park anything other than a sugar.

4. Mind hunter – season 2 TWITTER

release date: 16.8.2019

The self-production of Netflix not playing in the year 1977, as the criminal psychology was considered a serious science. The two FBI agents in the Holden, Ford and Bill Tench have taken on the task, to get a glimpse into the Psyche of serial killers. For this, they interview already convicted killer. With the gained Knowledge you hope to be able to still unresolved cases easier to solve.

5. The godfather of Bombay – season 2

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix India

Sartaj Singh is a policeman from Bombay, the zudröhnt with sleeping pills and alcohol, because he was poking from his own unit. When he gets a call from a notorious crime boss, who gives him 25 days to save his city, unfolds a tightly woven network of organised crime, corruption, politics, and espionage. At once, the corrupt and brutal side of India is visible.