1. Black Mirror – season 5

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 5. June 2019

How much we let technology and media influence? The last four seasons of the series “Black Mirror” in front of led the audience in a very impressive way, what can trigger modern technology, everything. The upcoming fifth season deepens while three new episodes in the subject.

Each episode revolves around a separate, self-contained plot. The consequences can be independently considered. In the fifth season also Stars such as Miley Cyrus and “Avengers”actor Anthony Mackie are seen.

2. 3% – season 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix

release date: 7. June 2019

This Science Fiction series takes place in an alternate future in which society is into rich and Poor divided. In the seasons before three percent of the population received in the course of a brutal selection process, the Chance to start a new life in a protected oasis. The third season begins a year later. A sand storm has left devastating damage to your refuge. The supply of fresh water and food is cut off, and a selection procedure is started to determine who remains in the oasis, and who is not.

3. Designated Survivor – season 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 7. June 2019

it comes As the entire U.S. Congress by a bomb attack killed, will be appointed the non-party Thomas Kirkman to the President. In the last two seasons, he was forced along with his Team, the whole System rebuild. In this way he created many enemies, the try behind his back to overthrow him.

In the third season of the term of office of Kirkman comes to an end, and he wants to be for re-election. During his election campaign, he has to realize, however, that not only his re-election, but the whole democratic System is hanging on by a thread.

4. Leila – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 14. June 2019

“Leila” is based on the novel of the author Prayaag Akbar and tells the story of the free-thinker, Shalini. The action takes place in the near future in a totalitarian Regime that distinguishes people according to caste, Religion and income. As Shalini converted after her marriage to Islam, it is the authority, a thorn in the eye. Her husband is killed and her three-year-old daughter deported. 16 years later, manages to escape, Shalini, and she embarks on the search for her daughter, in desperate hope that she is still alive.

5. The Americans – season 5

Video Credit: Youtube/Matthew M

release date: 15. June 2019

“The Americans” takes place in the time of the Cold war in the early 1980s and tells the story of two Soviet KGB spies posing as Americans. Even their own children know nothing of the true origin and identity of her parents, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings. To the outside they seem to lead the life of an American flagship family. But at night, Elizabeth and Philip’s orders, for their country, and know no scruples.

In the fifth season have to approach Elizabeth and Philip more cautious than ever, so that their charade is not blown. Their daughter, Paige, meanwhile, tries to learn more about the family business, and is in a moral Dilemma. At the same time, signs that the US is secretly trying to start a famine in the Soviet Union accumulate. The so far most dangerous Mission of the two KGB agents begins.

6. Modern Family – season 8

Video Credit: Youtube/TV Promos

release date: 16. June 2019

Long Fans in Switzerland, Austria and Germany had to wait for the German Version of the sequel to the popular Sitcom. But now it is finally so far, and “Modern Family” goes into the next round. Also this season, accompanied Pritchett and the families of Jay Pritchett, his daughter Claire Dunphy and his son Mitchell. While the children of Claire and Mitchell are getting older and growing up must deal with, try the other, your life will be regulated in such a way as to make possible. However, in a large Patchwork family Chaos is inevitable.

7. Dark – season 2

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 21. June 2019

In the center of the “Dark” four families from a typical small German town. When, suddenly, two children are mysteriously disappearing, torn the ideal world of these families from the joints, and it quickly becomes clear that all the Participants carry a dark secret with yourself.

Only little is known about the plot of the second season of the multi-layered Thriller series, but one can assume that the story of Jonas will be the main focus.

8. Glee – The complete series

release date: 30. June 2019

The popular Musical-Comedy series “Glee” will be equal to the total package on the Streaming page. Fans can watch all 121 episodes over a total of six seasons of the cult series again.