The world’s largest Video-streaming provider Netflix has announced that it is to reduce the data rate of its Transmissions in Europe. Thus, the amount of data is to be reduced, which must be transferred to the customer. Also, YouTube has announced restrictions.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton had asked Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on Wednesday to not reduce the quality of the transmitted video, to the compromised Internet connections in Europe. Previously, the network operator in Spain and Switzerland, had warned of an Overload of the networks, because in the corona of crisis, very many people work from home or Online Video or game services.

On Thursday evening announced Netflix then that you can drive transmissions for 30 days, the bit rate for all video download. What this means for Netflix users?

movies and TV shows will retrieve, in spite of the reduction at any time and play them. The bit rate – so the amount of video data that is sent per second on the line to the customer is decisive for the quality of picture and sound.