Despite the lawsuit on the grounds of corruption threat, in spite of a strong candidate: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (69), which is called “Bibi” goes with his right again as the winner of the elections on Tuesday. His Likud party won in the 120-member Parliament, the Knesset, with 35 Seats, 5 more than in the last elections. Together with the other Legal parties in the Block to make it to 65 mandates and holds the absolute majority.

For the majority of the national-conservative Netanyahu to engage with representatives of the extremely right-wing, among other things, with the Right Union that has 5 seats. To this Union, the group of Otzma Judith (Jewish strength). This has its roots in a violent, anti-Muslim movement, which had been classified by the US as a terrorist organization. Israeli media write about the collaboration, it would be as if US President Donald Trump (72) with the Ku-Klux-Klan would close a Pact.

Against homosexuals and Arabs

Also to the right of the Block party, Shas (8 seats), the ultra-Orthodox Jews. For you homosexuals are a plague to the “self-destruction of the state of Israel and the Jewish people” responsible. The United Torah Judaism (8 seats) is also an ultra-Orthodox Alliance, which is seeking exemption from military service for religious reasons and the Sabbath throughout the country to strictly want to adhere to.

Our house of Israel (5) sees itself as a party of over a Million counting Russian and Eastern European immigrants, acting restrictively against Arab Israeli. Moderate party Youth (4), which is assigned to the political center. Your Central concern is the lower the cost of living.

a Good Start for the hope

On the other hand, has lay down Seats, the new center-Alliance Blue-and – White, the former chief of staff Benny Gantz (59) 35 and, therefore, the same number as the Likud – a successful Start. However, it is possible for the bearer of hope, to the middle-left of page to find enough coalition partners for a majority. The labour party, once the party in government, is collapsed to just 6 seats, the Arab parties fared poorly.

as soon As the state President Reuven Rivlin (79) given the green light, will Netanyahu be able to his most right and most religious government. The coalition negotiations with the Right should also include a possible annexation law. In the election campaign, Netanyahu had promised, namely, to Annex the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

soon re-elections?

Netanyahu, however, has a big Problem: he was charged with threatening in the next few weeks. The allegations are denominated in bribery as well as fraud and embezzlement. It revolves around the suspicion of the influence of the media and expensive gifts to fellow billionaires. Netanyahu denies all the allegations.

If the indictment is brought, would be Netanyahu may be very quickly away from the window. Because in the case of an indictment could come within a year to new elections, which could result in the absence of strong-man Netanyahu to a course correction.