Net profit ExxonMobil collapsed in 2019

Moscow, January 31 – “News.Economy.” Net profit of one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies ExxonMobil, attributable to shareholders in 2019 fell by 31.2% compared with the previous year to $14,34 billion, according to the company.

the company’s Revenue declined in annual terms by 8.7% to $264,938 billion Profit per share amounted to $3,36 versus $4,88 a year earlier.

At the end of the fourth quarter, ExxonMobil cut its net profit by 5% compared to the same period of 2018 to $5.69 billion

earnings per share amounted in the reporting period $1.33 against $1,41 a year earlier. Revenue decreased by 6.6% to $67,173 billion

Production of hydrocarbons in terms of oil equivalent increased for the year by 3.1% to 3,952 million barrels a day, and in the fourth quarter remained almost at the previous year level 4,018 million barrels per day of 4.01 million a year earlier.

“the growing demand for products that are at the core of our business remains strong. We remain focused on improving our business, increasing efficiency and optimising the value of our investment portfolio,” are available in the release words of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Darren woods. Text: News.Economy