If the restrictions will be in effect after July 1, once opened can not more than 50% of institutions in the country, said “Russian newspaper” the Vice-President, Director of regional development Department of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia MAKS Belyaev.

Summer terraces do not bring significant revenue, as usually limited in area, said Belyaev. And max, despite booking a table days in advance, not met the expectations of restaurateurs. Besides the open summer terrace are only about every third restaurant or cafe. According to Belyaeva, it has become a reason for some landlords begin to demand rent in full, while talking about financial stability cafes and restaurants is not necessary, he said.

to welcome guests, the staff of the cafes and restaurants have masks. Seating is at tables, arranged subject to the requirements of a safe social distance in half-meter. Inside the stationary institutions set the dispensers with disinfectants, wet wipes, which guests will be able to handle hands.

the Cooks in the kitchen should also be wearing masks and gloves. However, this requirement too, I’m sure Belyaev. The risk of a severely cut hand gloves at times higher. Then the kitchen at the time and did lose one of the cooks. To address the issue, only one treatment of hand disinfectant, he said.

“In anticipation of the opening carry out General cleaning, – told the “Russian newspaper” the restaurateur, the head of the company Hurma Management Group Dmitry Levitsky. – High hopes that guests will be very much we have. The first few months will show what will happen with the economy restaurants subject to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor”. According to him, the most noticeable impact on industry associated with sparse Seating and the fact that while cafes and restaurants are deprived of the opportunity to hold mass celebrations, including birthdays and weddings.

a Significant proportion of the budget institutions will be the cost of purchasing PPE and disinfection. In accordance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, their stock must be made five days in advance. In case of inspection, this is what will draw the attention of health departments.

“We have not yet counted the cost of disinfection means in detail, but it will be more than 30-40 thousand rubles a month,” said the restaurateur, co-owner of food hall “Gourmet street strEAT” Maxim Popov. The monthly expenses on purchase of personal protective equipment and disinfection will depend on the area schools. According to Levitsky, quite possible to keep within 300 rubles.