The Nestlé heir Patrick Liotard-Vogt (35) bought at the end of July a property on the lake of Zurich. Thus, the controversial entrepreneur has a place to Stay in Switzerland. The Jetsetter but spends 250 nights per year in Hotel. And his new Villa he would like to inhabit at all. The balance sheet reports.

The Villa is on the over 2000 square metre plot of land has eleven rooms. Eight cars come to the Parking area. Next to the swimming pool with counter-stoma location, there is a guest house of 97 square meters of living space. The property has mountain and lake view. Such a house would be the most an absolute dream. Cost: 9’980’000 Swiss Francs.

residence is actually on the Caribbean island of

If the new owner ever in the Villa to sleep, is unclear. Because mainly, the Villa serves as a money plant. “I bought the house, because it is a meaningful Investment,” says Liotard-Vogt, compared to the balance sheet.

This is not his first business, it makes headlines. Because the entrepreneur is not a blank slate. Most recently, he has made a glamour share of the headlines, the price of which has crashed.

Patrick Liotard-Vogt Grew up very close to his new Villa. His grandfather, Pierre Liotard-Vogt, the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Nestlé, was. By him to the assets originated.

the roots of the young Liotard miles-Vogt in the adjacent field. But his official residence, Saints Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean. There, he is currently in the process of a tourism project to raise. “When I return to Switzerland leaves this house, all of the options,” says the Nestlé heritage. (nwa)