met . He is nice, confident, and prepared. I’m shy, however, total. I took all of my courage and him via Social Media written. He even replied and asked if we can meet outside of working hours. It has me shaking happy extremely, but when I saw him the next day, I was completely paralyzed. My head was sure red. Now I’m scared that I screw up everything. Leonie

Be proud of yourself that you organize this Date could! You’ve taken the Initiative, even though you experience yourself as shy, and then you allow this man to come to you. Say: You’ve done wonderfully.

have you then seen again, has shown you your body that you’re upset and that this Meeting is important. It was so normal, that you’re heart palpitations had and also red become. Don’t be so hard on you. Imagine if the roles were reversed and this man would clearly have been nervous. Would you have found him then less nice, or less exciting? Hardly.

Concentrate on your breath, if you again so what happens. Take a deep breath, and length, slowly and deliberately again. So you can calm down your body and to signal him that everything is in order and that he can relax.

If you’re on a first Date are nervous, you don’t have to hide it. You can tell this man is quite simple. Well possible that it is exactly the same. Maybe you didn’t expect or see it. Remember, he wants this Date also. He will support you and do everything to make you feel good.

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