we Are here at the Swiss-Moto in addition to the future bike world champion? Pamela king beams as she sees her blue racing bike. The 27-year-old payroll accountant is driving only for two years, bike was last year in Aragón (Sp) for the first Time on a race track – and this season is officially bike-racer!

With the friend on the Bike

“Since I was 14 that I am passionate about Motorbikes,” says king. “But my mother saw this and was afraid that something happens to me.” By her fiance Patric an open passion, the hidden love finally: “I bought protective clothing and climbed in with my friend in the back on the Bike. Since this trip, I knew that I would like to drive bike.”

25’000 Swiss francs for 6 races

a Naked buys Bike is on fire and completed only two years later, in Aragón, and a driver training on a race bike. King loves the pace and feeling of driving, speeds of almost 300 km/h Straight down and wants more. On site you will be the Yamaha R3 Blu Cru Cup to the attention of a talent promotion programme, which is offered in 2019 for the first time in Switzerland. 25’000 Swiss francs for the Fun. Included six races in Europe, the Renntöff, equipment, tires, Service, Transport and license.

never in a race

the garage composite Autofit Pamela king fails to find a Sponsor that covers part of the cost. In April we go: then she continues on in Valencia (Spain) in her first race with the Yamaha YZF-R3, an entry-level Supersport bike with 42 HP and 200 km/h Topspeed. 25 young drivers have signed up for the first Swiss Blu Cru Cup – including five women. Pamela’s Goal? “Difficult to estimate, since I have never played a race with other drivers,” says the Zurich-with a smile and adds: “A middle of the pack would be super!”