Group to attack the foreigners, politicians and journalists.

the Plan should have been to usher in a revolution with a “symbolic action” in Berlin in October 2018. But they were arrested after the riots in the town of Chemnitz in september of the same year. Then, the number of foreigners attacked and beaten up.

The neo-nazi group was formed in connection with the demonstrations that broke out after the 35-year-old German Daniel Hillig was killed during a masseslagsmål with two young asylum seekers.

A syrian asylum seeker was in august of last year sentenced to prison for nine years and six months for the murder of Hillig.

Outer-right protesters in a demonstration in Chemnitz in august 2018.

Photo: ODD ANDERSEN / AFP Manifesto of violence

In the judgments that were promulgated in Dresden yesterday declared the eight men guilty of having been members of a terrorist organisation. The mildest verdict of two years in prison, while the man who was appointed as the band’s founder and leader, got five-and-a-half years behind bars.

Those convicted are aged 22 to 32 years.

During the trial, it became known that the leader got the other seven in the group to sign a manifesto in which they committed themselves to pursue their enemies targeted and violent acts.

Five of those sentenced went to the group’s first attack 14. september 2018. They were armed with glass bottles, stun guns and brass knuckles. More people with a foreign background were wounded in the attack, according to the prosecutor’s statement in court.

Merkel is worried about

The fierce outer right-the protests in Chemnitz created deep unrest in Germany in 2018. The authorities believed the false statements on social media contributed to the mobilization.

Here is more from a politiaksjon against the activists.

the Trial against the “Revolution Chemnitz” lasted a half years, and was followed closely in Germany. There has been concern that the political right in the country to develop and become more and more militant, writes nettavisen Little Local.

A man shot and killed nine people in a bar and a cafe in the city of Hanau in February. Chancellor Angela Merkel urged when the people to stand up against the fremmedfiendtlige poison in the society.

the Victims of the attack in Hanau in February this year, recalls on a informasjonssøyle in Berlin.,