The unending psychodrama that is US politics seems to have even got the better of Elon Musk. The Tesla founder called for people to ditch extreme left and right wing positions as the US reels from a divisive election.

Musk has something of a habit of making ostentatious Twitter pronouncements, once famously cratering Tesla’s stock price because he said it was too high. The multi-billionaire was at it again on Friday as the fallout from the contentious US presidential vote rumbled on. 

“A New banner is needed,” Musk bombastically wrote. “Neither hard left nor right.” 

A New Banner is neededNeither hard left nor right

A man with over 90 billion dollars in the bank saying he’s happy with the status quo is hardly a shocking development but, nonetheless, the message appeared to strike a chord with many as the tweet quickly racked up over 90,000 likes. 

The post prompted an outpouring of replies ranging from the witty to the idiotic. Some even shared their bizarre plans for improving American society.

Legalize all drugs for 1 month. The survivors get to build the new society. Let the good God Darwin decide.

Unsurprisingly, the replies quickly descended into the exact type of political mudslinging that the original message decried. However, some stayed above the fray and just elected to share cat videos.

“It’s not about the right wing. Or the left wing. It’s about the whole bird.”

Musk previously described himself as a political “independent” and “half Democrat, half Republican.” Like current President Donald Trump, he also says he has made massive donations to both parties.

“In order to have your voice be heard in Washington, you have to make some little contribution,” he said in a 2013 interview with the Huffington Post.

However, he eschewed that policy in this election cycle after coming under fire for donating to Republicans during the midterms in 2018. Despite keeping his money in his pocket he did throw his weight behind Kanye West’s ill-fated campaign, telling the rapper that he had his “full support”.

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